Cleaning Coins You Find After Metal Detection

Metal detecting might seem useless to some people but for others, it their most favorite hobby and the effort does not always go to waste as sometimes, they do end up digging up interesting things. If you have heard about this activity from someone and are interested to try your hand at it, we will encourage you to read up about it and buy yourself a good quality metal detector even it costs you a little more than you expected. Buying a cheap metal detector is never a good idea because it mostly does not work and is not very durable.

Other than metal detection, you can also look into gold detection and we urge you to read gold detector reviews here before you actually go to buy a gold detector because it is better to know what you need and buy one accordingly.

If you went on a metal detecting activity and found some coins then it is recommended that you clean it as soon as possible so let us look at some of the methods that you can adopt to clean your coins.

Rock Tumbler

If you collect coins it is a good idea that you buy a tumbler and some aquarium gravel. Fill up the aquarium gravel in the tumbler, add water and soap and keep it running for half a day. After you stop the tumbler and take the coins out, you will see that the coins look as good as new.

Archeological Way

A very intelligent yet easy trick is to put the coins in purified water and put it in the freezer and keep it there till it freezes. Due to the water freezing and expanding, the dirt will clear away and they will be as good as new.