How to Look And Dress Like a Man: Tips Guaranteed to Work

You probably know that fashion trends change over time, that’s a very common thing. It happens not only in our industry but in many others as well.

The thing is that, these new trends, seem to be damaging what it means to look and dress like a man. But worry not, because that’s why you have this article right here to let you know how you can improve your style with these tips guaranteed to work.

Are you ready? Let’s start with this article, so you can understand how you can look and dress like a real man.

K.I.S.S = Keep It Simple Stupid

If you want to get a kiss, then you better keep it K.I.S.S.

Don’t worry, you are not stupid. We don’t think so.

But please, keep it simple. Human beings are experts on overcomplicating everything, and that includes the way we dress. In women we can understand it better, but in the case of men, that’s something we cannot forgive. Sorry.

A man should look sharp, crisp and simple in the way he dress. If you want to cause a positive impact, then you need to follow that code. If you overcomplicate it, then you are going to suffer the consequences.

If you want to make girls like you, then you need to have a strong but simple presence. In summary it means:

  1. Stay away from using fancy jewelry
  2. Prevent from wearing too many accessories
  3. Forget about too skinny jeans
  4. Forget about mixing too many colors
  5. Just keep it simple

How hard is that to understand? If you want to cause a great impact on people, then it’s necessary for you to keep it simple.

A good pair of jeans, a good shirt and a good jacket are all you need to look amazing. The trinity of the goodness.

If you get those things right, and if you wear a good watch, then you will have accomplish far more than the rest of guys who in their pretending to look better end up looking like a club of clowns. Sorry, but truth hurts.

You Are Not Only Clothes:

If you are fat, then there are many ways by which you can look better. And no, we are not thinking about buying “plus-size” clothes, no, we are talking about losing weight.

For real, you need to look beyond your clothes. They will look much better on you if you really go and lose some weight and get in shape.

Looking like a real man goes beyond what you wear. Even though it helps, if you are not in shape, then you will never look at your best.

So if you want to create a huge improvement in the way you look, then you definitively need to go ahead and get in shape. That’s going to help you more than any other thing.

That’s it. This is how you can look and dress like a real man.