Looking For The Best Cage For Your Pet Hedgehog?

There has been a recent debate among various hedgehog owners on how they should keep their pets in the house and how much should they spend on their maintenance and enclosure. When looking for a cage you should make sure to evaluate various factors such as size, ventilation, and whether it is easier to carry. They are originally found in large numbers in Africa and Europe, and now due to the recent craze among the pet lovers community they are found in abundance in all pet stores in the US. Choosing the right enclosure is highly crucial as that would directly impact their heath, mood, and lifespan. They are solitary but become very inquisitive during night time and can travel up to 7 miles, this is the reason you should choose a spacious cage for them so that they have plenty of room to exercise.

Wire cages are highly popular to keep hedgehogs as they have plenty of space compared to other types of cages and the provide a better air circulation for the pet. For ground dwelling animals, space should be the first priority and these fired walls provide an additional safety to these small creatures from other pets in the house or children who may unintentionally harm them.

Pan cages are preferred to those pet owners who fear their pet might climb out of the enclosure while they are away and might potentially hurt itself. These pans are deep enough to keep the animal safe and are much cheaper to buy.

If you prefer a lightweight framed caged, then there is nothing better than a plastic container which could be found at any local pet store. Find out more about hedgehog cage on the website of Hedgehog Cages.