Massage Chairs vs. Massage Therapists: A Comparison

The only reason you might be reading this article right now is because you have had some form of experiences with getting massaged. Regardless of whether it was from a professional, your partner or from a massage chair at the mall, it still counts. If you can recall that post-massage feeling, you can recount the general feeling of looseness in your body, the pleasant feeling of not having any knots or fatigue whatsoever, it truly cannot be compared to any other feeling.

As you are going through the best massage chairs section online, you are probably trying to figure out if a massage therapist can be replaced by a massage chair or how the two would fare against each other, which is an understandable concern. You can keep on reading below for a quick comparison.

Price Point:

Massage chairs are expensive, there is no denying that and, the more features you look for, the higher the price tag will get. A massage therapist is cheaper compared to it, but the real payoff comes in the long run. A well-kept massage chair can work for years, so you can use it every alternate day. With massage therapists, you cannot use so frequently without putting a major hole in your savings. So, the price of massage chairs pay off in the long run.


Every person has different problems and different needs. A massage chair cannot individually customize its function or performance for anyone, it only follows its general functions. Massage therapists are able to work with you according to your body’s individual needs.


Massage chairs are the more convenient option. You can stay in the comfort of your own home and use your massage chair whenever you feel like it during the day or night. You do not get that kind of convenience with massage therapists where you have to book an appointment at a specific time.