Monthly Clothes Delivery

So recently while I was exploring the internet I came across a review article on the Chris Reamfields Andalucia blog about a subscription box that the writer of the blog had joined. Now for those of you who are not familiar with what subscription boxes are, it is essentially a monthly box full of items that is sent to you by the people running the subscription box for a small fee. Subscription boxes can contain anything from movie merchandise to toys to clothes. This particular subscription box, which was run by a team called the Five Four Club, sends you a monthly supply of clothes. Now as is the nature of a subscription box, you do not know what you will be getting before you actually physically receive the box. So you could end up getting any type of top or bottom in your own size and you find out what it is once it is delivered to your house.

Now in a situation like this I am usually a little uneasy. I am a huge supporter of online shopping but now knowing what clothes I am getting might be a stupid way to go ahead with this. However the review for this subscription box was pretty good and they promised that the clothes were going to be pretty stylish. So I decided to try it out for one month, as this did not have a minimum amount that needs to be ordered every month, and get a single box. I figured if I did not like the clothes I could always gift them away to other people or give them to charity. That did not happen. I ended up getting clothes that were exactly suited to my style. A few smart shirts and a black jeans, and all for just 60 dollars.