Saving on Your Bills

We all want to find new ways of saving money on our bills. Every month we are flooded will all types of bills and payments and it can be very annoying as the prices of those bills go higher and higher over time. One of the biggest, most annoying bills that we end up paying is the electricity bill. The charge for the electricity bill is at outrageous levels nowadays and people are struggling to keep up. There are all types of tricks and tips going around about how you can lower the cost of living without giving up on your luxuries but many of these are not really going to make a huge difference in your life. What you need is something that will bring about big changes in your life especially with regards to constant costs like the electricity bill you get every month. This is why it was mentioned in the lighting tip by Carlton Lights, that if you want to bring about a huge dent in your electricity bill then you will need to switch over to LED lighting in your house hold.

Now some of you may have some doubts about that, so we will discuss the two main benefits of having an LED light and how it will be able to reduce the amount of money you will need to pay for the electricity or otherwise. The two main benefits of LEDs are that they have a life of about a hundred thousand hours, and that they are four times more efficient than your average traditional light bulb. This means that over the course of a hundred thousand hours (which if the light is never turned off is 11 years) you will only have to pay a quarter of the price that you would for lighting.