Spring vs. Foam Mattresses: A Comparison

It is safe to say that most of us never really bothered when it came to learning about different adult “decisions and choices” you would have to make later on when you’re still living with your parents. Which is understandable because no one really told us that it was important to do so either.

So, when you’re officially an adult and have to decorate your own living space for the first time, it gets confusing because every option sounds good and you want to make sure that you choose the right one. Once you have read through different bed and mattress sizes and have a better idea, you need to consider your choice of mattress next. Our choice of mattress is essential since it plays a major role when it comes to the quality of our sleep and our likelihood of dealing with body aches. The two most common options when it comes to mattress types are spring and foam mattresses, both of which have their own highs and lows, so we will be discussing them in detail below.

Spring Mattress:
When it comes to the price point, spring mattresses are the most affordable option, this is because the process of making them hasn’t changed over the years. Their other plus point is the fact that they don’t heat up like foam mattresses and they don’t have any strange odor which is characteristic of foam mattresses. However, if you have back and neck problems, spring mattresses will serve you no purpose since they don’t provide proper support. They also distribute weight unevenly, plus their warranty is a lot less.

Foam Mattress:
Foam mattresses are really good for adjusting to the natural contours of your body, so they are a great option if you have neck or back problems or just want proper support. They also last comparatively longer. However, they are expensive but that pays off since they last for a longer period of time.