The Best of Both Worlds

When it comes to deciding where to go and eat with your friends and family, there’s always going to be a lot to choose from, and the more places you know, the tougher it becomes to pick one and everyone will have their own suggestions too. At times like these, it’s always an easier option to try out a new place altogether so the next time you decide where to go, you all can agree on that one place you all experienced together and liked.

Another one of the dilemmas faced by hungry individuals looking for a place to share a meal with company is deciding on the kind of atmosphere and feel they’re looking for. Sometimes you just want to unwind at a nice and easy place where you can have some drinks with your friends and talk about how things are going for everyone. Other places offer you a fancier setting where you can enjoy the luxury of being served in a formal setting.

If you’re conflicted between the two kinds of atmosphere and your final decision as to where you end up going isn’t getting anywhere, we have a place you’ll most certainly enjoy the best of both worlds at. Gramercy Bar And Kitchen is a restaurant located in the heart of Perth’s glorious central business district area and it not only just brings you a very comfortable setting for both causal and formal dining, it also brings you the best of the Perth CBD experience.

At places like Gramercy, you get to enjoy a great view, comfortable sitting for any kind of an arrangement and last but not the least, the richest tasting food and the most refreshing drinks you could hope to have. You wanted a nice place to try out, well, we just made it so much easier for you.