Things One Should Never Do While Dating

If you have just started dating someone you really like, things are going to thrilling for you. The most common misconception about dating is that a lot of people think that dating is a full-fledged relationship when it is not. Dating is basically two people finding themselves in a phase where they want to decide whether or not they want it to turn into a proper relationship.

So, keeping all of that information noted, it is pretty obvious that the dating phase is usually a lot more fragile since both people involved are still knowing each other in that phase. This is also a phase where most mistakes end up happening.

Lucky for you, Post Male Syndrome is going to tell you about a couple of things you should never do while you are in the dating phase. This is to ensure that your dating experience does not suffer.

Don’t Dwell on The Past
I encourage sharing in a relationship, however, the important part here is that one must not dwell on the past, especially when it involves talking about your previous dating experiences, or your exes. These things can actually create a horrible dating experience, and are best left unsaid. Focus on the now, be grateful to have a person in front of you that you have a chance with.

Use Compliments, But Don’t Overuse Them
Complimenting is a subtle art that both genders need to be good at, however, it is slightly tricky as well. When you are dating someone, or you are on a date with someone. You need to make sure that you compliment them, however, don’t overuse the compliments because it will make you look like a creep who is trying too hard.

Keep it subtle, and natural to make it work.